Applauds: A Revolution to Building a Digital Identity with Hybrid Off-chain and On-chain Behaviors

3 min readJun 26, 2023

Applauds is focused on enabling users to truly own their skills by building a digital identity based on their off-chain behaviors.

In this article, we will showcase Applauds’ remarkable breakthroughs.

Applauds Evangelists Who Take Tasks

1. The main objectives of Applauds

Focus on obtaining users’ off-chain behaviors: because the user data on the chain are too single, they are not of high value. What is more valuable is to be able to deposit users’ off-chain behaviors on the chain.

Establish an identity based on user behavior: establish an identity on the chain, and the identity is determined by behavioral data, not a domain name. Building an identity is a bottom-up process. The project should start with behavior and help users bind more behaviors to an identity, rather than focus on connecting various applications through an identity system.

With these two points, the project needs to encourage users to move a specific off-chain behavior to the chain, establish a user identity system based on the behavior data, and then obtain more off-chain data found on this identity. The long-term goal is to form a bridge to transfer behavior data from off-chain to on-chain so that the core assets of web2 giants — data (or other scattered data) can be placed on the chain to generate income.

2. The value of Applauds

The value of the Internet is to quickly connect different participants and improve production efficiency, but many middlemen and platforms have emerged during the development process, and they have grabbed most of the profits. The blockchain can use the multi-ledger structure to allow merchants to find customers through public data and reduce the profit margins of middlemen.

For example, Facebook and Google, an essential reason for them to become giants in the advertising industry is that their user portraits are clear, which can be accurate to age groups, interest preferences, etc. so that they can help merchants to push accurately. A clear user portrait depends on the behavioral data accumulated by users on the platform. Therefore, compared with ordinary billboards, it can find more accurate users for merchants, and the delivery efficiency is extremely high, and even a single click can cost tens of dollars.

The problem with this model is also obvious, that is the platform and the middleman have gained too much profit. In the long run, there is an adversarial relationship between users and platforms — platforms want to push ads too much, and users need to buy services to avoid advertisements.

And if you want to change this model and create the next high-market value project, what you need is to take Facebook and Google’s data out of their own databases. At present, it is basically impossible to attract Facebook data to WeChat through the same business model, but if it can provide a public data platform and deposit more and more user behavior data on the public platform, it is a direction not yet tried.

The value of Applauds lies in the ability to gradually pull the data off the chain to the chain, and based on the data identity on the chain, it becomes the basis for providing analysis to merchants and users.

On the whole, we are excited to launch Applauds. We can attribute its breakthroughs to the fact that Applauds builds a digital identity with hybrid off-chain and on-chain behaviors.




Applauds is focused on enabling users to take true ownership of their skills by building a digital identity based on their off-chain behavior.