Applauds Wins in ETHShanghai 2023: Empowering Developers to Own Their Skills

2 min readJul 26, 2023

ETHShanghai 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Skill Ownership at Applauds

Applauds is proud to announce its success in ETHShanghai 2023, where the project’s innovative approach to skill ownership received recognition from the esteemed judging panel.

ETHShanghai 2023: A Beacon of Authority and Purpose

The ETHShanghai 2023 event brought together an array of sponsors, judges, mentors, and volunteers who played a vital role in making it a resounding success. Their unwavering commitment and support underscore the esteemed authority of ETHShanghai as a leading platform for showcasing innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem. The event’s purpose resides in fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology to drive positive change in various industries worldwide.

The Highlights of Applauds

Applauds is on a mission to enable developers to take true ownership of their skills and create a digital identity based on their off-chain behavior. This innovative approach breaks free from the limitations of centralized platforms by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. By publishing achievements on the blockchain, Applauds allows developers to make their skills searchable and more easily discoverable by others. Furthermore, the integration of payment and chat functionalities effectively reduces spam and meaningless advertisements, fostering high-quality social interactions.

Continuous Product Improvement by the Applauds Team

The Applauds team is relentlessly working to enhance the product and provide an even better experience for users. Recognizing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, the team is actively exploring opportunities for developers to link and utilize their evidence-based achievements. The commitment to ongoing development ensures that Applauds remains at the forefront of skill ownership solutions, poised to revolutionize how developers showcase their abilities.

Future Possibilities with Applauds

Applauds’ recognition at ETHShanghai 2023 is a testament to the project’s pioneering approach to skill ownership and its potential to revolutionize the way developers showcase their abilities. By leveraging the power of blockchain, Applauds empowers developers to truly own their skills and fosters meaningful connections among users in a decentralized environment. The continuous efforts of the Applauds team to improve the product further solidified its position as a cutting-edge solution in the blockchain community. We invite everyone to join the Applauds community and be part of this groundbreaking initiative.

We extend a warm invitation to everyone to join the vibrant and inclusive Applauds community. By participating in the community, individuals can contribute their ideas, provide feedback, and help shape the future direction of the project. Applauds aims to create an ecosystem where developers and other users can connect, share experiences, and unlock new opportunities together.




Applauds is focused on enabling users to take true ownership of their skills by building a digital identity based on their off-chain behavior.