Streamlining Web3 Workshops with Applauds’ Workshop Mode

2 min readSep 21, 2023


Introducing Workshop Mode: Streamlining Web3 Workshops for an Enhanced Participant Experience

In the world of Web3, evangelists play a vital role in promoting decentralized technologies to developers and users alike. However, conducting workshops and events in this ecosystem can involve navigating through multiple tools and processes, leading to complexity and a less-than-optimal participant experience.

To address these challenges, Applauds has developed Workshop Mode, a feature specifically designed to streamline Web3 workshops and enhance the overall experience for both evangelists and participants.

Features of Applauds’ Workshop Mode

Applauds’ Workshop Mode simplifies the workshop process and optimizes participant engagement by providing a comprehensive and centralized solution. The features are as follows:

Streamlined Workshop Creation: Workshop tasks can be easily created within the Applauds platform, eliminating the need for separate tools or platforms. This simplifies the workshop creation process for Web3 evangelists, saving them time and effort.

Integrated Information Hub: All relevant information for the workshop is consolidated in our one-stop platform. This includes instructions, resources, and any additional materials. Participants no longer need to search through multiple platforms or channels to access the necessary information.

Improved Participant Engagement: Workshop tasks can be shared directly with participants through the Applauds platform. This allows for streamlined communication and ensures that participants have access to all the necessary information and resources to actively participate in the workshop.

Enhanced Collaboration: Applauds’ Workshop Mode promotes collaboration among participants by providing a centralized space for discussions, feedback, and sharing of ideas. This fosters a collaborative and interactive environment, enhancing the overall workshop experience.

Real-time Updates: The Applauds platform allows for real-time updates and notifications, ensuring that participants always keep track of changes or additions to the workshop tasks. This helps to keep participants engaged and informed throughout the workshop.

Overall, It streamlines workshop creation, consolidates information, promotes collaboration, and provides real-time updates. With these benefits, both Web3 evangelists and participants can enjoy a more efficient and engaging workshop experience.

Empowering inevitably Web3 Evangelists with Workshop Mode:

The Workshop Mode offered by Applauds is a game-changer for Web3 evangelists, simplifying the workshop process and enhancing the overall participant experience. By providing a one-stop information hub for workshop information, facilitating seamless collaboration, and simplifying reward distribution, Workshop Mode enables evangelists to focus on delivering valuable content and creating engaging workshops. With this innovative feature, Applauds empowers Web3 evangelists to conduct workshops with ease, ultimately advancing the adoption and understanding of decentralized technologies.

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