The Applauds Innovation: Winning the BlockBooster Hackathon

2 min readJul 3, 2023

Introduction to BlockBooster Hackathon

The BlockBooster Hackathon is one of the most well-known hackathons in the world and has drawn great attention within the blockchain community. BlockBooster is known for bringing together an eclectic mix of ambitious coders, top talents, seasoned strategists, and inventors from all over the world to develop amazing projects related to blockchain technology. Each hackathon highlighted some of the biggest breakthroughs in blockchain technology.

Applauds Team’s Preparation

This year, the Applauds team be well-prepared for the BlockBooster Hackathon. To our excitement, the Applauds team was honored with a prize in the hackathon held at Hong Kong University in April, and the Applauds team was proud to receive recognition from the judges.

Unique Approach of Integrating Blockchain and Off-Chain Components

Prior to the start of the hackathon, the Applauds team had already done extensive research and preparation for their project. After carefully studying the development of blockchain-based technologies, they created a strategy to integrate both blockchain and off-chain elements into the project. This strategy enabled users to create their own digital identities based on their off-chain behavior. This strategic approach paid off as the judges appreciated the innovation, as it allowed users to publish their verified skills and achievements on the blockchain.

The team was well aware of the potential of the blockchain to revolutionize the way individuals express and share their skills and demonstrated a firm understanding of this fact when presenting their project. Applauds’ unique approach of introducing a small cost for message sending is designed to reduce meaningless advertisements and encourage meaningful conversations.

Admirations from the Judges

The judges were impressed with how Applauds was able to give developers true and transparent ownership of their skills. This would make them more discoverable to recruiters and easier to show potential employers. Additionally, the implementation of the payment and chat feature of Applauds has greatly improved the quality of conversations and the overall social experience of users on the platform. At the end of the competition, the Applauds team was rewarded with a place in the hackathon and the respect of the judges.

Further Development of the Project

This success gave the team more motivation to keep developing the project. The team is confident that Applauds will make a lasting impact in the blockchain community and invite everyone interested to join the community and benefit from the many opportunities it provides.

At Applauds, we are dedicated to providing developers with a decentralized platform to truly own their skills and foster meaningful connections among users. We believe that by empowering developers to publish their verified skills and achievements on the blockchain, Applauds can revolutionize the way developers showcase their skills and open the doors to new opportunities.




Applauds is focused on enabling users to take true ownership of their skills by building a digital identity based on their off-chain behavior.